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Find importers
and analyze your
competitors in
a single platform


Access all the information on international markets, from individual transactions data to aggregated economic data.

Functionalities of the platform

Make better decisions based on real-time market data.

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Importer finder

Identify customers who sell your product line. Get a complete profile with all their operations, who they buy from, what products and their evolution.

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Track competitors

Discover which importers your competitors sell to, what products, when and how.

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Market analysis

Understand what is happening at any given moment in the market you are exporting to. Optimize your decision-making.

Importer functionality

Save time while reducing
costs in the search for importers

Slash the importer search process with the xNova platform.

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Search for new customers by product description,
tariff code, purchase volume and other filters.

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Uncover each importer's current customers and
prepare your value proposition.

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Find out what products are they buying, quantities
and price.

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Understand what importers are doing and how their purchases are evolving.

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Discover if your current customers are working with
your competitors and get ahead of them.

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Exporters funct.

Stay ahead of your competition by analyzing their operations in international markets

Develop better strategies by researching your competitor's sales.

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Be the first to know which customers your competitors work with.

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Watch your competitors' sales evolution.

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Find out what products your competitors are selling and at what price.

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Compare your situation with your competitors and gain market share.


Enterprises that trust xNova

It helps a lot in the process of finding new potential clients and getting information about them.
The user interface is very easy to work with. You can fully focus on the data of your industry. Moreover, the information is constantly updated. I strongly recommend it.

Javier Perez

Export Director

Bodegas y Viñedos Tamaral (Family Business, 40 employees)

Understand what is happening at any moment in the market to which you are exporting

Optimize decision-making through a single platform.

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Watch how the market situation evolves.

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Stay informed of price changes.

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Be aware of the sales record for each product.

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Market analisys funct.

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