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Market intelligence software for exporting enterprises

xNova is the platform that provides you with real-time
information about customers in international markets.


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Find real-time information about potential customers and competitors

Simplify the importer's search with xNova and speed the internationalization process.

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Look for importers that commercialize your products

Select the product that you commercialize by description or HS code, mark the volume by shipping and the country of origin of their current clients.

Know what your competitors are doing in international markets

Analyze your competitors' transactions and discover the customers they work with, shipment volume and much more.

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Watch the evolution of demand for your product

Search by tariff code, product or description and understand the current market situation. 


Simplify the internationalization process with an intuitive and affordable software

Enjoy all the possibilities that the xNova platform offers

Find new clients and analyze your competitor's transactions in a single platform.

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Find out which importers your competitors work with, what products they export, when and how. 

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Identify customers who sell your product line. Get a complete profile with all their operations, who they buy from and what products and their evolution. 

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Join the companies that already optimize the internationalization process with xNova


Average savings per lead

28 Days

Time saved per lead


Qualified leads


Enterprises that trust xNova

It helps a lot in the process of finding new potential clients and getting information about them.
The user interface is very easy to work with. You can fully focus on the data of your industry. Moreover, the information is constantly updated. I strongly recommend it.

Javier Perez

Export Director

Bodegas y Viñedos Tamaral (Family Business, 40 employees)

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