How does xNova work?


Enter your product or tariff code in the search bar.

xNova Platform importers search bar


Discover all the importers who trade your product.

xNova Platform importers result


Find out who the purchasing manager is and their contact details.

xNova International purchasing manager contact data

Benefits of using xNova

Of importers

Get to know all the buyers of your product in a market and their real-time transactions.

1 click
Away from the purchasing manager

Cut down the time it takes to contact the purchasing manager to just one click.

More clients

Expand your customer base by leveraging information from your buyer's past transactions.

Who uses xNova?

Winery exports

Bodegas Olarra, Rioja wine company

Oscar Urrutia, Export Director of Bodegas Olarra Group, explains how they use the xNova platform to save resources while prospecting.

Building materials export

Navarti, ceramic manufacturers

Marcos, export manager at Navarti, uses the platform to customize and present sales pitches more effectively to importers.

Industrial product export

Moreda Riviere Trefilerías, industrial products

Eugeni Vilar, Export Area Manager of MRT, manufacturers of enclosures, uses the platform to gain a strategic view of global markets and strengthen their market share.

"We use xNova to prospect the market, enabling us to accelerate the process of finding the right contact in the right company. It's the essential tool that allows our sales teams to focus on adding value."

Luis Baelo
Super-Ego Tools

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