Why xNova?

Uncover all your potential clients through the platform and gain real-time insights into the suppliers they work with, as well as the products and volumes they trade.

Who uses xNova?

Discover all the companies that buy your product

Search by product description or HS code in the xNova platform. In just moments, you'll get a list of all the importing companies trading your product line.

Identify new business opportunities

Gain a clearer and more strategic view of the markets you export to, and adjust your export plans as the market evolves.

Discover new importers every day with market intelligence

Know more

Verify the reliability of any importer

Discover all the suppliers working with an importer and compare the frequency of purchase they have with each company, as well as the import volumes and prices they work with per shipment.

Close more profitable sales

Customize sales offers with the details of each importer: products they trade, volumes, and prices. This way, your proposals will have up to 30% more chances of being accepted.

"The xNova platform has helped us close better sales due to the information it provides about how much each importer buys and from whom. This prior knowledge about the importer's operations allows us to present our sales arguments much more effectively."

Marcos Bernadis
Navarti Cerámica

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