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Improve your business relationships with xNova

Trade shows are a great opportunity for exporting companies to nurture relationships with their customers. Having granular information about all your importers before and after the trade show will ensure their success. Plus, with xNova, you won't have to depend on the success of trade shows, as you will have access to all your potential customers in a market at any given time.

Who uses xNova?

Benefit from xNova's information at your trade fairs

Don't rely on trade fairs alone

Face-to-face interactions are critical to building lasting relationships with your customers. To do this efficiently and at a low cost, xNova will help you find all buyers and identify the best ones.

Check the reliability of an importer

Verify the purchasing history of any importing company you meet at the fair, through its volume of purchases and its history of relationships with its suppliers.

Maximize trade fairs results

Optimize the cost of trade shows with localized actions before and after the event with information extracted from xNova on all importers attending.

"The xNova platform has helped us close better sales due to the information it provides about how much each importer buys and from whom. This prior knowledge about the importer's operations allows us to present our sales arguments much more effectively."

Marcos Bernadis
Navarti Cerámica

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