+1 million
+$900 billion
Value of imports
+7 million
Monthly shipments

The Mexican market

  • As a gateway to Latin America and with favorable trade agreements, Mexico offers a dynamic and growing market for exporters and importers. xNova International's market intelligence platform is designed to help export professionals from any industry make the most of this market.

    Although the most exported Spanish products to Mexico are olive oil, wine, gourmet products, footwear and fashion or construction materials and ceramics, the various data sources updated in real time from which the xNova platform is fed, allow you to locate any product.
  • All Mexican importers of your product

    Whatever your product, you will find all your potential buyers with xNova's market intelligence platform.
  • Your competitors' customers in the Aztec market

    Averigua quienes son los clientes de tu competencia y cuanto les vende en el mercado mexicano con una simple búsqueda en la plataforma xNova.

Discover the features of the xNova platform

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“We use xNova to prospect the market, so it allows us to gain speed in finding the right contact in the right company. It is the fundamental tool for sales teams to focus on delivering value."

Luis Baelo
Super Ego Tools
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