A digital solution to find international distributors

Find all your potential importers on the platform with a simple search. Get new and better customers thanks to the millions of data available withing the platform.

Lack of complete and detailed information on potential distributors?

The search for new importers through search engines like Google requires investing a great deal of time to find any relevant information. However, the results obtained are often not representative of the total market, as access is only possible to a minority of all available information.

Additionally, the results of these searches are not satisfactory for most, as the data obtained is often outdated and scattered across various websites and tools. All of this makes the process of prospecting international clients through Google searches and Importer Listings a very inefficient process.

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Who uses xNova?

xNova solutions


Speed up your customer search by searching in xNova by product description or HS code to get an updated result of all the companies importing your product in the United States, Europe or Latin America.


Choose a company and find out what products it is buying, finding the most suitable companies. If they match your production, access their website and start conversations with your future buyers.


In addition, you will have up-to-date contact details of the purchasing manager of the selected company to initiate discussions with potential customers.

"The platform has improved efficiency and accuracy in our export operations by providing up-to-date and reliable information on international markets."
Bodegas Olarra
"I would highlight the ease of use and usefulness in identifying importers make it a key tool in exporting. Also, the interface is intuitive, which helps a lot."
Cámara de Comercio de España en EEUU
"We use the xNova platform to prospect the market, so it allows us to gain speed in finding the right contact at the right company."
Super-Ego Tools

Discover new importers every day with market intelligence

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