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Improve your exports with xNova

Establishing a subsidiary helps reduce trade barriers, improves brand image in the target market and helps reduce production and logistics costs. xNova provides information on all importers in the target market, facilitating the prospecting process for your sales representatives.

Who uses xNova?

Why use xNova when you have a subsidiary?

Know everything your competitors are doing

Obtain strategic information about your competitors' movements, the development of their sales and the customers they work with thanks to the xNova platform.

Access to new distributors

Thanks to the granular information provided by xNova, you will be able to discover potential distributors that you did not know about until now.

Watch the market in real time

Benefit from the real-time granular data of the xNova platform and adapt your strategy according to market developments.

"The xNova platform helps us do an analysis of the competition and current distributors in the US market."

Marcos Díaz
Esnova Racks

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