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Lack of visibility in the market?

On many occasions, exporting companies encounter visibility problems when developing their strategies. The data to which export professionals have access are very general.

Relevant data on the potential of a market, such as the total number of potential customers, characteristics of the importing company and competition, make the task of prioritizing markets and resources very complex.

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Who uses xNova?

xNova solutions


Develop better international sales strategies thanks to commercial information from importers in each region.


Anticipate your competition by observing their business relationships with customers.


Allocate more resources to the markets with the greatest potential in a secure way thanks to the data provided by xNova.

"With xNova's software, we get a wealth of data that allows us to obtain meaningful results when analyzing a country's imports. This helps us to better understand the situation in each market and make informed decisions in our export strategies."
"Thanks to xNova, we can observe market potential in an exceptional way. In this way, we can make informed decisions about our geographic expansion and the diversification of our product portfolio."

Discover new importers every day with market intelligence

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