Oscar Urrutia Export Director at Grupo Bodegas Olarra

"For us, xNova is an international trade telescope with an included astronomer service."

Bodegas Olarra

Success story

"With deep roots in La Rioja, Bodegas Olarra has managed to captivate thousands of palates around the world."

Enterprise's profile
  • Industry

    Manufacturers of food products

  • Target customers


  • Markets

    Europe, America and Asia

  • Number of employees

    11 - 50 employees

"Bodegas Olarra, a family-owned winery, has its roots deeply embedded in the wine regions of Spain. Founded in 1973 in La Rioja, the company has flourished since then to its third generation of winemakers. Their dedication to producing exceptional wines from DOC Rioja, DO Ribera del Duero, and La Mancha has earned them a prominent place in the wine industry."

"A unique style that captivates palates all around the world."

"What sets Bodegas Olarra apart from its competition is the unique style of its wines. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for winemaking, their products bear the unmistakable hallmark of excellence that connoisseurs and enthusiasts worldwide have come to appreciate."

"xNova helps us manage our current business partners and prospect in new markets."

"We use xNova as a key tool for the control and monitoring of our current business partners in various international markets. Moreover, we have found this platform to be a valuable source of information for prospecting in countries where xNova provides its services."

"With xNova we have saved time and resources, putting our efforts in more promising markets."

"xNova enables Bodegas Olarra to keep a detailed track of its business partners in the numerous markets they operate in. With xNova's extensive database, Bodegas Olarra can explore new markets and assess their potential for expansion."

"xNova has had a significant impact on Bodegas Olarra's results and processes. Firstly, the platform has enhanced efficiency and accuracy in our export operations by providing up-to-date and reliable information about international markets. Additionally, xNova has streamlined our processes of monitoring and tracking our current business partners, enabling us to maintain more effective management of our business relationships worldwide. This improved management has helped us strengthen collaboration with our partners and ensure a steady flow of our wines in international markets."

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