Optimize your trade missions to visit importers

Get more customers on your trade missions by meeting in advance with importers who really work with your product line.

Problems preparing for buyer visits?

Trade missions, despite being a great strategy to close several potential customers in a region, lack good organization in most companies.

Many sales teams reduce the problem of these trips to the lack of pre-scheduled meetings with potential customers relevant to their product line.

The factors why an export manager is not able to schedule these meetings boil down to 2 factors: the lack of a list of companies importing your product line in a region and the scarcity of updated and relevant contact details.

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Who uses xNova?

xNova solutions


Search for your potential customers in a region

Decide which buyers you want to visit and which you are going to discard.


Extract the contact of the person in charge

On the platform you will find the contact details of the purchasing manager of your potential customers.


Schedule meetings with your potential customers

Make your visits concrete and start preparing a personalized pitch to close the sale.

"Preparing these trade missions is essential for me, and the tool makes it quick and easy. Also, thanks to having the contacts of purchasing managers, I don't have to rack my brains writing to an info@ who never answers."
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"Thanks to having access to this information, we are able to conduct commercial visits with prior knowledge about their activity. This has allowed us to allocate all resources to those importers that look most promising."
"In this way, we can plan our commercial trips infinitely better and achieve better results."

Conduct more organized trade missions and achieve better results

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