ieTeam and xNova join forces to revolutionize business internationalization.

The combination of experience and innovation opens new doors for companies on their path to internationalization.

Valencia, April 24, 2024 - ieTeam, a leading consultancy in internationalization, and xNova International, an innovative startup that helps exporting companies find international clients, have announced a strategic alliance aimed at transforming the way companies approach the internationalization process.

What makes this alliance special?

ieTeam, with its network of experts distributed across various countries, provides unparalleled local knowledge, enabling companies to thoroughly understand the cultural, legal, and economic nuances of foreign markets. On the other hand, xNova, with its advanced artificial intelligence technology, offers rapid, automatic, and intelligent data analysis, allowing for precise and timely identification of opportunities and risks.

The collaboration between ieTeam and xNova merges decades of experience in internationalization consulting with the disruptive potential of artificial intelligence. This alliance will allow exporting companies to access comprehensive and personalized solutions to optimize every stage of the internationalization process. From identifying potential markets to selecting distribution channels, companies will have access to tools, knowledge, and experience to ensure their success in international markets.

Leire Iturbe, Director of the Internationalization Area at ieTeam, ensures that this alliance represents the convergence of human experience and technological innovation, creating a powerful duo capable of offering comprehensive and agile solutions for companies wishing to explore new markets.

Amado Villar, CEO of xNova International, added: "It is an honor to work hand in hand with ieTeam to help all exporting companies open new markets or penetrate them. Our technology will enable companies to find new customers quickly and efficiently."

This collaboration promises to revolutionize the way companies face the challenge of internationalization. By combining human experience with the power of artificial intelligence, ieTeam and xNova are committed to offering personalized solutions and tangible results.


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