Alvaro del Río, Export Manager at Control Glass

“xNova helps us have the right information to improve our exports”

Control Glass

Success story

Leading processor with the capability to meet all glass-related needs

Enterprise's profile
  • Industry

    Manufacturers of building products

  • Target customers

    Automobile manufacturing companies and industrial projects

  • Markets

    USA, Canada, Europe and Middle East

  • Number of employees

    51 - 200 employees

Control Glass is a group of companies, consisting of 4 factories and 2 distribution warehouses, dedicated to the transformation and sale of architectural, industrial, and automotive glass. It is one of the largest groups in Spain and manufactures all kinds of architectural and special glass, including tempered, flat and curved laminated glass, decorative glass, railings, walkable floors, and more. The group has been in existence for around 30 years, with 2 factories in Teruel, 1 factory in Vall de Uxó (Castellón), and another in Zaragoza.

30 years manufacturing the best products.

Due to their versatility and equipment, they produce all types of glass and provide a complete service for their clients' projects. Their complex glass products and know-how, sets them apart from other companies.

"xNova provides us with fundamental data to focus on the right potential clients"

Thanks to the xNova platform we've been able to easily identify the companies that already work with our competitors. This way we are 100% sure that they are willing to import glass products from foreign countries.

This is how Control Glass works with the xNova Platform

When using the platform, Control Glass begins by closely examining the international market they are targeting. They do this by doing thorough research and studying what their competitors are doing to understand the customers they want to reach. By taking this approach, they get a better idea of potential customers who have experience in importing glass products. This shows that these customers are experienced and willing to trade internationally without hesitation.

xNova plays a pivotal role in resolving their export-related challenges. It serves as an indispensable tool for identifying the most suitable potential customers. By leveraging this platform, they can avoid expending valuable resources on companies that, although intriguing as prospective clients, lack the requisite experience in importing glass. This limitation primarily stems from the intricate logistical aspects associated with glass importation. If they were to encapsulate xNova's essence in a single sentence, it would be as follows: xNova empowers them with the precise information needed to enhance their export endeavors.

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