Francisco Javier, Export Manager at Don Bocarte

"XNova is a very interesting tool for gaining a deep understanding of a market."

Don Bocarte

Success story

Leading manufacturers of high-quality canned fish, with a presence in over 40 markets including Europe, America, Asia, and Australia.

Enterprise's profile
  • Industry

    Manufacturers of food products

  • Target customers


  • Markets

    Europe, America, Asia, Australia

  • Number of employees

    11 - 50 employees

Located in Santoña, Cantabria, they have been producing the best canned fish for almost 30 years, becoming leaders in high-quality canned and semi-canned fish.

"Their raw materials, processing, and customer service have made them leaders in the sector."

The rigorous selection of raw materials, careful processing, and excellent customer service are the characteristics of Don Bocarte that have made them leaders in the sector. Focused on the high-quality segment, their product is marketed in the best restaurants and gourmet stores.

"Our ability to develop effective strategies was limited."

Before using xNova, we faced significant difficulties in fully understanding our market. We lacked access to detailed data on the volume and characteristics of imports, which prevented us from identifying segmentation opportunities. Additionally, we had little visibility on the quality and type of imported products, and we could not adequately assess our international competition. This limited our ability to develop effective strategies.

"Thanks to the platform, we can see who exports and what type of product."

Francisco and the team at Don Bocarte use the platform for three distinct objectives. Firstly, to understand the market volume: while general data gives an idea of the market characteristics, delving into the details of importing companies and their characteristics reveals a different reality. Secondly, they use it to know what type of products are imported: after reviewing the country of origin of imports, we observed that the quality of the imported product was medium to low, so there was still a premium segment to explore. Finally, with xNova, they can detect who our competition is: in the domestic market, there aren't many companies producing the same product as us, but we had no visibility of their international sales. Thanks to the platform, we can see who exports and what type of product. This way, we are aware of which competing companies export lower-quality products and to which market.

The main benefit we find in the platform is understanding in-depth the existing offer in the market we want to penetrate. Additionally, thanks to the detailed information it provides, we can easily identify who our real competition is.

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