Marcos Díaz Key Account Manager at Esnova

"The intuitive and simple platform, with a vast amount of data that enables us to achieve excellent results."


Success story

"With a history of over 20 years, Esnova is a leader in the manufacturing of industrial shelving."

Enterprise's profile
  • Industry

    Manufacturers of industrial products

  • Target customers


  • Markets

    North and Latino America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania

  • Number of employees

    51 - 200 employees

Esnova is a company based in Gijón, Asturias, that emerged as a continuation of the former company Esmena, which was acquired by Mecalux a few years ago. In 2006, the founder of Esmena established Esnova, initially dedicated to the manufacturing of containers and solar structures. However, in 2013, we decided to change our business model and focus exclusively on the manufacturing of industrial shelving, leaving behind the container and solar energy sector.

"We have branches at a national level, and approximately 70% of our sales are made internationally."

Esnova stands out for providing a wide range of solutions, from storage shelves for smaller documents to large self-supporting and/or automated warehouses. Its distinction lies in offering products of very high quality and competitiveness in the market, always with a focus on distributors, as they are manufacturers of storage systems.

"xNova has been a valuable tool in addressing our export challenges, such as conducting thorough analyses of our competitors."

The platform provides us with the capability to conduct in-depth market analyses. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, we gather a vast amount of data that allows us to achieve significant insights when analyzing a country's imports. This helps us better understand the market landscape and make informed decisions in our export strategies.

The experience of Esnova with the platform

In a few words, xNova is an intuitive and straightforward platform that provides us with a wealth of data. Through it, we can achieve significant insights when analyzing a country's imports, which is crucial for our export operations.

Esnova has experienced a significant impact on its results through the utilization of xNova as a valuable tool to address export challenges. The platform has proven to be an effective solution by providing us with the capability to conduct in-depth analyses of our target markets.

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