Iván Hernández, Commercial Director at HICASA

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Success story

More than 50% of HICASA's sales happen outside Spain.

Enterprise's profile
  • Industry

    Manufacturers of industrial products

  • Target customers


  • Markets

    Europe, America, Africa & Asia

  • Number of employees

    11 - 50 employees

HICASA specializes in the storage, transformation, distribution, and commercialization of railway materials, including various types of rails and railway accessories. HICASA operates in various markets, and its extensive knowledge and experience have led to the export of more than 50% of its products outside the Spanish market. The company's natural markets include Europe, South America, the United States, Canada, North Africa, and countries in the East.

Over 50 years of knowledge and experience to serve its customers

HICASA stands out in the market due to its unique combination of being both a distributor and a manufacturer. The company has its own factory dedicated to the production of light rails, giving it a distinctive profile. This dual role as both a distributor and a manufacturer sets HICASA apart from its competitors. The company emphasizes specialization, internationalization, and the continuous search for new products and services as a result of its evolution over the years. HICASA leverages over 50 years of knowledge and experience to serve its customers.

"With xNova we have the data we need to qualify prospects"

Thanks to the xNova platform we've been able to easily identify the companies that already work with our competitors. This way we are 100% sure that they are able to pay for our products

This is how HICASA works with the xNova Platform

HICASA utilizes xNova for various purposes within the niche market of railway materials. One significant use is the qualification of prospects. In the highly specialized field where everyone is familiar with each other, xNova provides additional cases of use beyond pure prospecting. The platform allows HICASA to efficiently qualify prospects, especially in cases where an importing company typically sources materials from Asian producers. If such a pattern is identified, HICASA can avoid investing time and resources in pursuing these prospects, recognizing that they cannot compete on pricing.

The impact of xNova on HICASA has been twofold. Firstly, the platform has significantly streamlined HICASA's prospecting process, particularly in the efficient qualification of potential clients. By leveraging xNova, the company can swiftly assess the suitability of importers, optimizing time and resources by concentrating efforts on businesses more likely to engage in transactions with HICASA. Secondly, in the realm of strategic prospecting, HICASA relies on the comprehensive information provided by xNova. This involves identifying competitors and scrutinizing their client base to gain valuable insights. By discerning who the competitors' clients are, HICASA can precisely pinpoint opportunities and plan commercial trips more effectively, ultimately enhancing the company's ability to achieve superior results in its business endeavors.

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