Rogelio Bolos, Export Manager at NADIS Design

"xNova is a tool that aids in the search for new potential clients."

NADIS Design

Success story

Born from knowledge and passion for decoration.

Enterprise's profile
  • Industry

    Manufacturers of building products

  • Target customers


  • Markets

    Europa, América, Medio Oriente

  • Number of employees

    11 - 50 employees

Cosmopolitan ceramic producers, NADIS Design, originated in Burriana, Valencia, aiming to merge their industry knowledge with a passion for decoration. They are known for developing collections of cutting-edge flooring and wall coverings. Their entire production is marked by materials, details, and finishes of the highest quality, meeting the stringent standards required in any market.

"Even though I was very familiar with the market, I have found new opportunities."

NADIS Design markets its product (through sales agents) in numerous and diverse markets worldwide, spanning from the United States and Europe to the Middle East.

Thanks to the insights provided by the xNova platform, we have not only discovered new companies in the market that we were previously unaware of, but we have also been able to identify which of our current clients have the potential to increase their purchases.

The greatest value we see in the xNova platform is the ability to find new clients. Despite working with sales agents spread across all our markets, there are many companies that our agents do not have under control. With the platform, we can filter existing clients and target only those that are truly potential for NADIS. Moreover, having the contact information of the person we want to do business with on the same platform is crucial.

"With the platform, we can target only the clients who are truly potential for NADIS."

On the other hand, we use the platform to assess which of our current clients have the capacity to purchase more volume of our products and which do not. This way, we can increase sales volume without always needing to acquire new clients.

Thanks to xNova, we have noticed significant improvements in the efficiency of our sales processes and customer management, including better identification of potential clients, increased control over existing clients, access to key information, and identification of additional sales opportunities.

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