Luis Baelo, Export Manager from USA at SUPER EGO TOOLS

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Super-Ego tools

Success story

Super-Ego has become the first Spanish manufacturer of industrial tools, specializing in equipment and tools for pipes and welding.

Enterprise's profile
  • Industry

    Manufacturers of industrial products

  • Target customers

    Companies in the Heavy Industry, Oil & Gas sector

  • Markets

    Europe, LATAM, USA, Middle & Far East, Asia

  • Number of employees

    51 - 200 employees

Super-Ego stands out for manufacturing equipment and tools for pipes and welding, utilizing the most modern manufacturing systems such as SMED, KAIZEN, and KANBAN. Their tools feature advanced tempering processes like controlled atmosphere, induction, and stress-relieving, ensuring recognized and valued quality. Their products are used in various sectors such as the chemical industry, oil industry, mining, among others.

Their are unique in their industry

One of Super-Ego's key competitive advantages is its ability to control the entire manufacturing process of its products, from raw materials to packaging and distribution. Being a European manufacturer, they offer an excellent value proposition in the market for tools for pipes and welding.

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Our export market prospecting strategy is built around the xNova platform. This tool provides us with the capability to streamline the process of finding new clients and quickly locating the relevant contacts within target companies.

The experience of Super-Ego Tools with xNova

We utilize xNova for prospecting in the export market. This platform provides us with the ability to quickly identify the right companies and contacts for our business. With xNova, we have sped up the lead generation and search process, enabling us to save time and resources in our prospecting activities. While we acknowledge that xNova isn't a standalone magical solution, we complement it with our sales efforts to establish contact with the leads generated through the platform.

We leverage the xNova platform to conduct prospecting within the export market. This tool empowers us to swiftly pinpoint suitable companies and contacts aligned with our business goals. Through xNova, we've accelerated our lead generation and search procedures, resulting in significant time and resource savings in our prospecting endeavors. It's important to note that while xNova isn't a standalone solution, we complement its capabilities with our proactive sales efforts, establishing connections with leads generated through the platform.

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