Spanish exporting companies will be able to easily find new European importers thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence

xNova International, the software that allows exporting companies to find clients in international markets, has developed a technology that will facilitate locating potential European importers.

Valencia, March 6, 2024.- The Spanish startup, xNova International, announced today the launch of its new technology created to help exporting companies efficiently find European importers with low risk.

With just two years of activity, xNova has managed to develop a solution that uses artificial intelligence and data analysis to access and integrate multiple sources of information, both public and private, thus providing Spanish exporting companies with access to crucial data about potential importers in the European market.


This platform emerges as a response to one of the major barriers that Spanish companies face in the internationalization process: the scarcity of detailed information about potential markets and key players in them.

The startup has already helped hundreds of companies solve this problem by providing a valuable tool to identify and prioritize potential importers in the United States and Latin America, and today they announce the addition of the European market. This data had never been accessible until now.


The value of this initiative for the Spanish business fabric is undeniable. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, more than 60% of Spanish exports are directed to the European Union, highlighting the importance of having effective tools to access this key market. In addition, export activity represented almost 30% of GDP in 2023, further highlighting the need for innovative solutions like the one offered by xNova.

The announcement of this data marks a significant milestone in the field of technology application in the exports of this country and a positive impact is expected on the ability of Spanish companies to expand and thrive in the international market.


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