xNova launches new filters + data download options

As a sales & market intelligence platform for exporting companies, we know that time is the most valuable thing an export manager has. That’s why we’ve developed 3 new features that will cut in half the time our users spend searching prospects in our software.

Today we are launching 3 new functionalities that will help our users get the most of the platform! 🚀

As a platform specializing in sales and market intelligence for export-oriented businesses, we understand that an export manager's time is precious. Consequently, we've introduced three innovative features designed to significantly reduce the time our users invest in prospect searching within our software, effectively cutting it in half.

  • Data download in Excel
  • New OR/AND browser
  • Filter by product inside company page

The benefits of the new features for xNova’s users

In this dynamic world of international trade, staying ahead requires, not only access to great insights about market evolution, prospects and competitors, it also demands tools that empower efficiency and precision. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to announce three features that have been highly requested by our users.

So what do all these updates mean for your international prospecting efforts?

Data download option: the Power of Offline exploration

Having the possibility of analyzing the data offline can be a game-changer. With our new Data Download Option, users can now extract all tables available in Excel, providing the flexibility to explore information without the need for an internet connection. This feature empowers you to delve deeper into the data outside the current display within the platform. Imagine the possibilities: perform complex analyses of transactions, generate reports, and gain valuable insights, all at your convenience. Seamlessly blend the power of xNova International with the freedom of offline exploration.

Browser Filter OR/AND: Unprecedented search accuracy

For export managers navigating specific product lines, time is of the essence. Introducing the Browser Filter OR/AND, a powerful tool that transforms your searches within the Importer and Exporter Finder features. This feature is your key to highly relevant and niche searches, drastically reducing the time previously spent prospecting. Whether you're looking for specific importers or exporters, this filter allows you to fine-tune your searches with precision, making prospecting a breeze.

Product Filter on Company pages: Tailored Insights, Every Time

In the world of big retailers and diverse product portfolios, relevance is key. Recognizing this, we've added the Product Filter to all company pages. Now, when researching a specific company, you can narrow down the information to exactly what matters to you. Apply the product description and HS code filter inside any company, focusing your research on the products that truly impact your business. Say goodbye to information overload and hello to tailored insights.

Get started with the xNova’s sales & market intelligence platform today

These three new features represent a significant step forward, empowering you to explore, search, and tailor your insights like never before. Embrace the power of offline exploration, elevate your search precision, and enjoy tailored insights with xNova International's latest upgrades.

Your success in the global market just got a whole lot closer. Explore these features today and revolutionize your exporting experience!

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