Jérémy Blessin, Export Manager at Granitos Cabaleiro

"Thanks to the xNova platform, I have updated and detailed information about my potential clients in international markets"

Granitos Cabaleiro

Success story

Despite their traditional history, 55% of granite sales occur overseas.

Enterprise's profile
  • Industry

    Manufacturers of building products

  • Target customers


  • Markets

    Europe, America & Africa

  • Number of employees

    11 - 50 employees

Granitos Cabaleiro is a Galician family-owned company located in the granite quarries of O Porriño. Despite having very family-oriented beginnings, they are currently present on almost every continent.

Despite its small size, more than half of its sales are made in foreign markets.

Their granite slabs are extracted from their own quarries, all located in the northern part of Portugal and southern Galicia. These are transported to their factory in O Porriño, where they are cut to the specified thickness using state-of-the-art tools.

"xNova helped me improve my prospecting on my last business trip"

I use the platform to prospect specific states before a visit. This way, I only invest my time in companies that, based on their transaction history, may be more willing to purchase my products

This is how Granitos Cabaleiro achieves international distributors in weeks instead of months.

The use I give to the platform is less than I would like, but it has still borne fruit. The main use I give it is for prospecting to prepare for business trips. First, I conduct a search by product description and tariff code, to which I add the state filter (depending on where I am traveling), the country of origin filter (to only show me companies that buy from Spanish suppliers), and the time filter, as I have found that they are more likely to be interested in my product if they have conducted transactions in recent months. Once I have these results, I cross-reference them with my insurer to find out if there are any companies with outstanding payments. When I have the final list, I plan my visits. I always send an email to inform them of my interest in establishing business relationships, although in some specific markets I usually don't get a response. After several days, I try to contact them by phone. It is always their secretary who answers, and thanks to the contacts functionality, I have the name of the purchasing manager, so I always end up speaking with the right person. After this remote contact, I make the visit.

The platform provides very detailed updated information about all my potential clients. In addition, the contacts functionality makes it much easier for me to reach the purchasing manager of importing companies. In my first business trip, I managed to speak with 30 companies that I found on the platform. Two of them confirmed the order during the same visit, and I am still in talks with the rest.

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