Qualify importers with Sales Intelligence

I want to start exporting to new markets, but how can I find my perfect customer? Sales Intelligences are a reality, and more and more companies are discovering their value and usefulness, incorporating them into their strategies to prospect international clients. In the article, we'll see how to figure out what type of buyer your company is looking for and how to find them through Sales Intelligence.

Find the right partner

In the world of international trade, finding the right partners can be a challenging task that requires significant time and resources. The solution? Commercial Intelligences. Below, you'll discover how the Sales Intelligence tool is going to help you simplify processes and open doors to new business opportunities.

It is important to know your company

Before knowing who your buyers will be in international markets, it is important to understand the characteristics and goals of your business. Once we are satisfied with our internal structure, we will be able to determine the type of customer we need.

It's crucial to be aware of your company's capabilities and limitations to establish a strategy adapted to your strengths. Identifying financial, human, and technological resources allows you to allocate them efficiently in the face of international challenges. Anticipating obstacles, understanding the characteristics of each market, and complying with legal requirements are key to avoiding regulatory issues.

Furthermore, it is essential to have clear sales goals to align with the company's strategic vision. Setting long-term objectives facilitates performance evaluation, communicates goals to stakeholders, and aids decision-making by ensuring that activities are aligned with the company's purpose.

Get to know your clients with Sales Intelligence

Using Sales Intelligence is crucial for exporting companies as it provides vital information about market opportunities and competitors. Thanks to the accuracy of its data, it facilitates the identification of prospects and accelerates their expansion into new markets.

Know with suppliers they work with

At the moment of finding the perfect client, it is crucial to know who they are or have been working with. With Sales Intelligence, you can inspect the recent movements of your potential clients and find out whom they have been importing from in each period.

For example, you come across a promising candidate to close a sale, so you decide to research their recent activities using this tool. In doing so, you discover that they have only engaged with exporters focused on low prices and lower quality, for instance, a common characteristic in Asian countries, while your sales strategy revolves around a higher price with excellent quality. Therefore, thanks to this Intelligence, you avoid initiating processes with an impractical customer for your company and one in which you are not genuinely interested.

See their purchase frequency

Knowing the purchasing patterns of an importing company will provide you with a significant advantage, positioning the exporting company at the sales point where it may be located. As mentioned in the previous point, this helps discover if the method they use involves making different purchases from various companies or, on the contrary, if they are interested in searching sellers with whom to establish long-term relationships and maintain them over time.

This is possible with our platform, where, by selecting the company of most interest to you, you can observe a graphic with all their movements over time, featuring historical data and real-time updated information.

Find experienced clients willing to trade internationally

The last aspect to consider when determining which buyers are suitable and which are not is understanding the experience and movements of these buyers. Not all importers are willing to trade with companies from other countries, either due to reluctance towards specific countries or because they prefer to buy from countries closer to theirs, as is the case with nearshoring.

As mentioned earlier, Sales Intelligence has the tool to track the movements of a company. Therefore, in addition to being able to see our potential competitors, it helps us observe where the product is purchased and whether the buyer has enough experience importing internationally. This information allows us to, once verified and compared with your situation, offer a personalized sales alternative.

Improve your sales argument

Sales argument acts as a presentation of your company, being crucial to attract and persuade buyers, aiming to establish business relationships. Continuously improving the message is essential to increase success possibilities in the international market. This involves researching the target market and comparing it with your own characteristics. Once we are clear about what we want to convey internally, we proceed to adapt it for each sales situation and each market, according to the particularities of the potential customer.

The importance of this argumentation lies in convincing the client that your company is the best option. To achieve this, it is advisable to highlight aspects like the way your offer satisfies the market needs and adapts to these constantly changing requirements. Mentioning how our company complies with necessary regulations and talk about success stories where other companies have been benefited from your product in the past helps convey a sense of confidence and reassurance to the future buyer.

A function provided by Business Intelligences, indirectly, is the ability to tailor our sales pitch based on our target audience, enabling us to position ourselves ahead of competitors and capture the interest of buyers. This way, we can make the most of the qualities of your business.

Get the most out of your exports

In conclusion, if you want to export to new markets and find companies to export to, Sales Intelligence is an essential tool for your business. One of these technologies is xNova, with which you can research and prospect your clients in a way that best suits your strategy, finding the perfect customer with their respective contact information and positioning yourself in relation to your competitors. It's time to boost your business. Shall we talk?


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